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Traveling with pets: a few tips on how not to get lost on the road and enjoy the trip

Do you take your dog or cat regularly on trips and holidays across the Czech Republic? Is travelling with your dog or cat fun for you and not a horror? Have you got a destination in mind, where you’d like to stay for longer or you’re even planning a trip around the world? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, there’s no doubt you’ll soon expand the range of adventurers who travel around the world with their pets.

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Pets at home and abroad in the view of statistics: New Zealanders keep the most pets

According to the data published at the end of last year, more than half of the people from around the world lives with at least one pet. The most numerous dog population is in the United States (70 million dogs), followed by Brazil (36 million) and China (27 million). Same as with dogs, we find the most cats in the United States (74 million) and China (53 million) only this time, the winning third includes Russia with nearly 18 million cats.

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Czech wolf in danger

People often confuse the grey wolf with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. This shepherd’s and today a very popular breed was bred from the German Shepherd by crossbreeding with the Carpathian wolf.  Even though the dog and the wolf are very similar in nature and the functioning of the body, they do not have much in common.