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Tips for surviving and enjoying geocaching with a dog

Summer fun begins now. And I can’t imagine a summer without our activities together with my dog. What about you? Plan where you and your doggie could spend time before the temperatures are scorching and not a single branch moves on trees and we all will be hiding in shadows. You will enjoy this sunny season much more then. Besides going swimming you can also try geocaching. Your dog has enough exercise and it’s also fun. Personally approved!

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Meat cans for dogs not only as a perfect dietary supplement

Some dogs are already born with sensitive digestion, at some it may occur later in life. Or an allergy for a component of the food they used to like and we considered as suitable may occur. For such cases, meat cans can be a great supplement of normal dry dog food or its full replacement.

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5 tips for summer city activities with a dog

If you decide to head to the streets of your city during a hot summer day, remember that pavements you will be walking on are much warmer that the air. In general, I try to go out with my dog during hot summer days as least as possible but if we go somewhere, we head to the park. Among trees and other greenery, the temperature is always much more pleasant than among buildings. Roza runs among the trees, relieves herself and I am not worried that she could get hurt on hot concrete surface.