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Rabbits also have a holiday dedicated to them

The International Rabbit Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday or Sunday in September. This year, it was 22 September. This annual celebration of a cute mammal with long ears, short tail and a velvet coat is not only meant for the million of rabbits kept as pets in the Western world. It should also promote a serious matter about the life conditions of these bunnies.

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BARF, i.e. back to nature by food

Do you also follow the recent trend which encourages us to come back to our roots and mind our planet more? I am personally very happy about that. More and more households live according to zero-waste and non-toxic principles and we don’t forget about animals either. Many keepers nowadays BARF. And what does it actually mean?

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Cat reality show: Keeping Up With the Kattashians

Cats enjoying themselves in a doll house are a hit on Iceland. Their creators probably didn’t expect so much fame and first of all, they didn’t create the whole project for money, fame and for a short-time amusement. There is a much more noble purpose to this project – to find these cats new homes.

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Poisoning ruins dog’s well-being How to provide proper first aid?

Your furry friend might get poisoned in a minute, only a few seconds of carelessness or a slow reaction is enough, especially if your dog is similar to mine and “eats everything he finds on the way”. Fortunately, my dog hasn’t been poisoned yet but I’m not willing to risk anything and want to be ready for such situation.