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Kukur Tihar: Nepali dog celebrations

The second day of Hindi festival called Tihar is devoted to dogs. Their loyalty and devotion is celebrated, they are honoured as companions, guardians and friends. A holiday which is full of lights and colours doesn’t forget about stray dogs and it is an exceptional spectacle.

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Taking care of a brown rat – bathing

Brown rats are very cleanly animals. You can see them licking themselves several times a day and thus keeping their fur in a perfect condition. They suffer if their environment is not suitable, even though they can survive it. Many people think they like to take a bath. But how is it really?

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5 tips to keep your dog happy and healthy

For us, devoted dog parents, changes in our lives often include our dog companions. Moreover, the stuff we do to keep our furry friends happy and healthy also commonly influence us as well. We owe them for better life and they deserve to get the same from us. Here are several tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.