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Moving with a cat

Contrary to dogs, cats have a strong bond with the place where they live. That’s why moving is very stressful for them and this stress may cause a number of diseases. It’s a good idea to plan everything well, so that you could make the situation of a change of place easier as much as possible. And how did we do?

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Dog Instincts

Even though the dogs went through long years of domestication, they still retain fundamental instincts as we do. They might not be as strong as in wild dogs, but they still play a very significant role in the life of a dog and in their behaviour. So if we have a dog companion at home, we should try to understand them, after all, it might explain some of the misunderstandings between the two of us.

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What to do when your dog queen is pregnant?

The usual pregnancy period in female dogs is indicated at about 58 – 65 days, the average is 63 days. In case of the nutrition of a pregnant female, possible changes in diet can be likened to the changes in diet of pregnant women. Pregnant female dogs should have quality food and rations should be increased in proportion with the approaching date of the delivery. The phrase “in proportion” is quite crucial in this case, since an overweight female dog may have issues during delivery.

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First heat

If you’ve got a little female puppy at home, first heat might catch you off guard, so it’s not a bad idea to make some preparations ahead.