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How to tame a chinchilla? Guard yourself with patience

With their appearance, the chinchillas just attract cuddling. They look a bit like plush toys and their eyes like beads give them a friendly and a kind-hearted look. But don’t let yourself be fooled! These rodents are definitely no phlegmatic pets with which you could do whatever you want. It is an arduous task to gain their trust and to tame them.

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How to train calling with a whistle?

Calling a dog is without any doubt one of the most important commands that the dog should reliably master at any situation. Most often, we call the dog using the command “come”, but we can also emphasise it with a whistle. It pays off mainly in situation when the dog gets so far away from you, that the voice itself is not enough, or in time of diseases when your vocal cords just give out.

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How to unteach your dog to beg?

Does your dog beg for food at the table? Do they beg even from strangers when you’re at a restaurant? Then you should know, that you are one-hundredth percent guilty of this yourself. If a dog learns to beg for human food, it is an educational mistake. But the good news is, that you can unteach them to do this.

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Dog Puzzles

When the weather is lovely rather for ducks than dogs for a longer period of time and long walks don’t come into question, my fluffy friends are getting get bored at home and start with their shenanigans. I always try to think of a home activity to keep them busy. Puzzles proved the best to me. There are many different kinds of these available on the market. I make puzzles even by myself, as a craft.