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Spoil Your Dog with a Massage

Nowadays, we can provide our dogs with even stranger benefits than massages. For example, they can get their pedicure or some sweets in a dog cake shop. With massages, it’s not only about the joy they get. The dog does better both physically and mentally thanks to them.

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Walking a Dog for Human’s Well-being

According to an English survey in which about 2 thousand dog owners were questioned, most dog owners see walking the dog as a while they have for themselves and relax. What other benefits do walks with dogs have?

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: The Bolognese

These brothers of the Bichon are great companions for everyone. They are easy to handle even by someone who has no experience with dogs. They have a great personality, they require almost no care, they are easy to train and have good health. All they need to be happy is companionship and a bit of exercise.

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Nutrient requirements for dogs

The nutrient requirements of each dog varies depending on its age, physical condition, lifestyle and size. There are many aspects, and you need to take them all into account when choosing your food.