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Essential oils - a potential evil for your cats

Many of us love essential oils, whether it's because of their smell or their curative effects. Every other home has an aroma lamp or diffuser. But did you know what effects these fragrances have on your cats, and that they can seriously harm them? If we want to use essential oils (EO) responsibly, we should first check the safety of their use. Cats are part of our family, and we should not forget that they are part of our environment. When not used properly, essential oils can cause harm to people, but also - and even more so - to cats, which are far more vulnerable. We are their guardians and carers, so it is up to us to…

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The food guide for miniature dog breeds: 5 tips for choosing the right one

Choosing the right dog food is a beginning and the end of caring for your pet dog. We, as dog lovers, also know that quality dog food is not only positive for the health but also for the overall well-being of the animal. When choosing the dog food, take into account both the age and the size of your dog. What dry dog food should you choose for a miniature dog breed?

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Is your cat not using its toilette? Something is not right.

If your cat is going to pee or defecate outside its toilette, it is only seldom just an issue of training or hygiene. Cats are clever animals and they have no trouble to understand, where to go to toilette. Therefore, if they don’t abide the rules of hygiene, you must seek the issue somewhere else.

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Even a human sometimes sacrifices themselves for an animal – When everyone has left the war zone, one man stayed to take care of the cats

We hear about the war in Syria almost every day. But have you ever thought about how does a war affect local animals and that the self-sacrifice must not always be made by an animal for humans, but it can also be the other way around? The person that I’m going to tell you about today, remained in the war zone to take care of the local cats.