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3 reasons why (not) to cut your dog during summer

Living with dogs is such a natural thing for us dog lovers that we sometimes treat them more like people. We love them, we nurture them but we may sometimes care a bit too much and unintentionally harm our furry friends. Such cases include wrong fur care, mainly for long haired breeds. Even the furriest dog can feel better in hot weather than if we cut its hair short. Thermoregulation in dogs is different from than in people. And that is not the only reason why we shouldn’t cut the hair of some dog breeds during summer.

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What to do for a proper nutrition of dogs? The most common sins with regard to nutrition

“You look so sad, you’re definitely hungry, here you are.” This is the sentence I often hear when my dog shows one of its dog faces. And he deserves “little something to eat” doing it before I even manage to do anything against that. To feed a dog resting at a table or to feed it with human food are not the only sins we should avoid in the context of dog nutrition. What are the others and why should we avoid them?