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Kitten Lady saves kittens

Kitten Lady describes her activities as kittens’ advocacy and humane education. This all is done by young beautiful Hannah Shaw. She’s a kitten rescuer, spreads the principles of humanity and is an unwavering advocate of animal rights. She decided to devote her life to finding new ways to protect animals. Her project Kitten Lady strives to create a global change of the way we perceive and treat the smallest and the most vulnerable cats – orphan kittens.

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Meet a four-toed hedgehog as an uncommon pet

Several kinds of hedgehog are kept as pets. The most common one is the four-toed hedgehog or an African pygmy hedgehog in other words. This pet which is not very common but is becoming more and more popular can live up to 9 years in captivity and weighs only 300–700 g. This kind is particularly popular at keepers mainly for its kind nature and quite easy keeping. It becomes tame quite easily and gets used to being carried in hand and is not vicious.

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Hemingway’s polydactyl cats

More than one artist fell in love with these creatures and looked for inspiration for work in them. One of them was Ernest Hemingway. He is the author of the well-known saying “One cat just leads to another”. He really kept a large number of cats (in some periods even up to 60!) and admired them particularly for their independence which is the same reason why I admire them. You would recognize his cats with a closer look. They had six or even more fingers on their frontpaws and some of them even on their backpaws – they were polydactyl. Even nowadays, you can hear that cats with more fingers are called Hemingway’s…

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: American Hairless Terrier

As the name of this breed suggests, you can’t expect much hair on an American hairless terrier. This small or medium size muscled dog has hair only on its muzzle and eyebrows. But the interesting thing is that puppies are born with an undercoat which falls out only around week 8. But there is also a version of an American hairless terrier with hair. These dogs have short, soft and non-shedding hair approximately 3 mm long. Both versions, with and without hair, have very soft and warm skin without wrinkles.