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How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle

In the life of any dog, a situation might come up, when it is necessary to put on a muzzle. And if the dog is not used to wearing it, it might mean a stressful situation. I will advise you on how to avoid stress and how to get your dog used to wearing a muzzle.

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Dogs and cats of the world III: Dogs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – a holiday paradise in south-eastern Asia, the promised land for travellers. It is no problem to communicate here in English, the prices are relatively low, the locals are poor, but friendly… However, to dog lovers, apart from the fairy-tale panoramas, it also offers a sad view of four-legged pets without a home, of which there are hundreds of thousands wandering around Sri Lanka.

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Dogs with a yellow ribbon

You may have already met a dog with a tied yellow ribbon on its collar or on its leash in the street. Did you know, that it is not a fashion accessory, but a message for the passers-by?


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How do the dogs and cats hear?

Simply put: much better, than us, humans. And cats even hear much better than dogs. But from experience, I can say, that it also depends on what and whom they want to listen to. How is it with dogs?