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Catnip: Why are cats mad about it?

While Catnip is a herb with medicinal effect for people, it has different and much stronger effects on cats. Why does this undemanding perennial plant have an intoxicating effect on cats?

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Little big loves – how to feed them the best?

Each dog is an individual and has different needs. When it comes to diet, it depends on its health condition or physically demanding activities. However, we can generalize these needs to a certain degree according to a breed, age and mainly the size of a dog.

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BARF, i.e. back to nature by food

Do you also follow the recent trend which encourages us to come back to our roots and mind our planet more? I am personally very happy about that. More and more households live according to zero-waste and non-toxic principles and we don’t forget about animals either. Many keepers nowadays BARF. And what does it actually mean?