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Liber tail syndrome. How to avoid it?

It sits with great difficulties. It also looks like it is very painful. It seems that any contact of the tail and ground causes great pain. As well as any touch when I try to find out what’s wrong with its tail. We came back from swimming where our dog was with us. And it swam, too. Of course. It was warm so we didn’t even think of drying it.

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Meat cans for dogs not only as a perfect dietary supplement

Some dogs are already born with sensitive digestion, at some it may occur later in life. Or an allergy for a component of the food they used to like and we considered as suitable may occur. For such cases, meat cans can be a great supplement of normal dry dog food or its full replacement.

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Summer first-aid kit: What shouldn’t be missing?

Weekend or holiday is here and you are thinking about  what to pack? You definitely shouldn’t forget your first-aid kit. And also the one for your dog! Properly equipped first-aid kit is a must. If you are struggling with deciding what should be inside, let’s have a look at it together.

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3 reasons why (not) to cut your dog during summer

Living with dogs is such a natural thing for us dog lovers that we sometimes treat them more like people. We love them, we nurture them but we may sometimes care a bit too much and unintentionally harm our furry friends. Such cases include wrong fur care, mainly for long haired breeds. Even the furriest dog can feel better in hot weather than if we cut its hair short. Thermoregulation in dogs is different from than in people. And that is not the only reason why we shouldn’t cut the hair of some dog breeds during summer.