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The story of Gobi How a small dog ran ultramarathon

Runner Dion Leonard could talk for hours about the bond which is created between a man and a dog and also about how an unknown Asian crossbreed dog becomes one of the most famous dogs on planet Earth. He bumped into a dog companion at the ultra-trial race through Gobi Desert (China) during his second day in the race. The little bitch was later named after the desert. Gobi accompanied Dion approximately half of the whole journey which is 250 kilometres. Given the fact that she was not trained  for this and also that her body is very little, it is an unbelievable performance.

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The most awesome cat heroes

Cats can also be heroes and put their lives at risk to save someone from risky or life-threatening situations. The first cat hero I will introduce you to is Scarlett. She showed her heroism in the most natural form – she saved her kittens. She took them out of a burning building, regardless of her own danger and injuries she suffered while doing that. Despite tremendous heat, she was going back to the flames until she took out her last offspring. Firefighters said she touched the nose of each of them to make sure they are alive and all right and then she immediately collapsed from pain and exhaustion. Scarlett managed…

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Are you going on holiday and have to leave your pet behind? Use dog-sitting

If you are going for your holiday by car, you may be considering bringing another passenger with you. Your dog can be a great companion, so you don´t want to leave it at home. However, your time off by the sea might hide various obstacles, starting from a lengthy journey and entry bans at beaches to scorching heat. That’s why it might be the best solution to leave your furry friend at home. But not everyone has aunts or grandmas who can look after their pets.