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Traveling with pets: a few tips on how not to get lost on the road and enjoy the trip

Do you take your dog or cat regularly on trips and holidays across the Czech Republic? Is travelling with your dog or cat fun for you and not a horror? Have you got a destination in mind, where you’d like to stay for longer or you’re even planning a trip around the world? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, there’s no doubt you’ll soon expand the range of adventurers who travel around the world with their pets.

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Dogtrekking in winter

For the majority of dog breeders, winter is the period that has to be waited out somehow. But this time of year provides ideal conditions for the musher sport. And if you found pleasure in summer trainings with the dog, don’t hang the dog harness on an imaginary nail: the training season begins! What should you change, so that the dog would manage it without any trouble?

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In the spirit of return to nature and wilderness: Five tips on how to prepare

To spend a few days outside of civilisation - in the forest, on the ridges of the mountains - away from the hustle of the cities, in the wilderness and ideally with your dog. An imaginary return back to nature is the trend that did not avoid even the world of pets. But what’s actually so tempting about wilderness? And how to prepare yourself and your canine fluffy friend?