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Poisoning ruins dog’s well-being How to provide proper first aid?

Your furry friend might get poisoned in a minute, only a few seconds of carelessness or a slow reaction is enough, especially if your dog is similar to mine and “eats everything he finds on the way”. Fortunately, my dog hasn’t been poisoned yet but I’m not willing to risk anything and want to be ready for such situation.

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Wet food as a suitable travelling alternative

We have an active and healthy lifestyle. Or at least we try to have. In relation to that, we don’t only think about our own food but also about our dogs’ food. The trend of barfing has already come to the Czech Republic, too. It is a method of feeding based on raw meat. The word “BARF” comes from “born again raw feeders”. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of barfing in another article. Today, we will discuss what is good travelling food, no matter if you are a fan of natural diet or not :).

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How to give your dog new energy when it’s using it a lot? Try cans

A meat bomb in a form of a dog paté or can doesn’t have to be only a reward. If you are planning to go on a long hike – to the mountains or to the valley – you can make the use of a dog meat can. Dogs in move, usually when doing any sport outside, need enough liquids, proteins and energy. This is exactly what a dog gets from a quality can. You can give them to your dog for several days before the activity.