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How to recognize your cat’s got diabetes

The cause of diabetes is a lack of insulin (a pancreas hormone) or the inability of the body to use it effectively (i.e. the resistance of tissues towards insulin). And it doesn’t matter if you’re a person or an animal. With diabetes, the sugar is accumulated in blood and harms the organs and upsets the body balance. The plasma density increases which results in the reduction of fluids in cells and their dehydration and damage. The cells decrease the creation of proteins and it results in the reduction of body weight, decreased immune system functioning, impaired wound healing, etc. Moreover, the organism has to obtain energy…

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Does your brown rat bite out its fur? It probably has ectoparasites

Although I sometimes temporarily care of some brown rats, I still consider myself to be a beginner in brown rat keeping. In the beginning of this year, a white lab brown rat ended up in my temporary care. I noticed that Běluše (that’s how I called her given her white fur) extensively licks her fur.  I knew that brown rats are really clean animals. But is that really normal? I interpreted that as my insufficient knowledge of brown rats and didn’t pay too much attention to it

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Liber tail syndrome. How to avoid it?

It sits with great difficulties. It also looks like it is very painful. It seems that any contact of the tail and ground causes great pain. As well as any touch when I try to find out what’s wrong with its tail. We came back from swimming where our dog was with us. And it swam, too. Of course. It was warm so we didn’t even think of drying it.

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Meat cans for dogs not only as a perfect dietary supplement

Some dogs are already born with sensitive digestion, at some it may occur later in life. Or an allergy for a component of the food they used to like and we considered as suitable may occur. For such cases, meat cans can be a great supplement of normal dry dog food or its full replacement.