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Turkey – The Land of Cats

Turkey, the homeland of angoras and Turkish Vans is almost cats’ paradise. Even though veterinary care is quite expensive here, also cats living outside are taken care of well. Even in large cities like Istanbul and Ankara you can encounter a lot of well-fed and happy cats basking on car bonnets or resting in the shadows of side alleys.

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What positive effect do pets have on children?

When I was a child, our dog changed my life. He taught me lifetime love for living beings but also responsibility, patience and caring for others. Scientist has found out those are not the only benefits the life with an animal has for children. According to the findings of numerous studies, a pet also positively influences the whole development of a child itself. It can teach him/her to handle difficult and stress situations which would be otherwise more difficult to overcome. An example is a lack of concentration on a specific activity. The presence of a dog by my side made me feel safe and secure, i.e. it gave me certain peace of mind.…

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: Norwegian Lundehund

These special dogs were bred and raised specifically for hunting of puffins and guillemots (water birds). For this reason, they have several very specific and for their purpose very practical physical deviations. For example, they have extremely flexible neck so they can turn their head to their back. They can also close their auditory canals so water or clay couldn’t enter it. Also, they have more fingers on their paws as the only breed – they have 6 fingers and 8 finger pads. They used all of them to stick to rocky reefs when hunting puffins. Thanks to loose ligaments in shoulder joints they can spread their legs so…

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: Pomeranian

If you like small dogs, it will be easy for you to fall in love with pomeranians. Not only they look like teddy bears with a nice face and look, they will also impress you with their nature. They belong to sociable dog breeds rightfully. Besides their sociable nature, they are also really nice, cheerful and lively. They are strongly extrovert but have their own dignity. Although they are usually adaptable, they tend to dominate and they might be aggressive to other dogs.