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What today's pets wear - 3 novelties from the world of pet fashion

There is nothing strange or different about dressing our animals today. Whether it's just about fashion or functionality, we meet dogs in clothes on every corner. Today, I chose a few new pieces from the functional clothing category that are worth mentioning. Dog clothes are no longer just about fashion, with some breeds today they are a necessity. And this doesn't just apply to small, short-haired breeds. Most dogs today live with us in our house or apartment, so they are warm all day. Then, when you take them out for a walk in January, they experience a real thermal shock, and that can cause serious health problems.

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

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Myths and facts about dogs

Does a bitch have to have puppies before she is neutered? Does a dry or warm nose mean the dog is sick? In the dog world, some people still believe the myths that are going around about our four-legged friends. Let's take a look at the most common myths and set them straight.