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What should you take for your dog when you’re going on a holiday or for a longer trip?

If you’re planning to go abroad, even just for a few days, then definitely don’t forget about the animal’s passport. When you’re packing this dog passport, make sure that you check off-hand, that your four-legged friend has all its vaccinations valid. If you’re planning to travel only within Czech meadows and groves, then you don’t have to take the dog’s passport with you, but, of course, you won’t ruin anything, if you take it with you just to be sure.

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How to travel safely with a dog in the car

Vacation time is finally here and many of us are planning where they will be headed this year. If you decide to go for an adventure by car and to take your dog friend with you as well, a bit of advice might come in handy on how to provide safety for the dog and how to make the journey as pleasant as possible for them.