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Portraits of Popular Breeds in the Country and Around the World - Siberian Cat

Although their appearance and nature is somewhat similar to that of the Norwegian Forest cat and Maine Coon cats, Siberian cats are not as popular. Outside of Russia and the former Eastern Bloc, they are not well known and are not seen very often. In our country, we have a good (but not very large) breeding base. Not much is known about the origin of the Siberian cat.

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: Somali cat

A Somali cat is a long-haired version of Abyssinian cat, one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. But it does not have an interesting or long history itself. Even though it is named after an African country, first Somali cats were born in the United States and America has also played an important role in their recognition.

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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: Cairn Terrier

Until recently, Cairn terriers were the most popular terriers in Great Britain (until they were overtaken by Westies). It comes from Scottish island Skye and it used to hunt foxes and otters here already in the times of Mary, Queen of Scots. That’s also where its name comes from – foxes hid in piles of stones (stone in Latin is cairns).

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Rabbits also have a holiday dedicated to them

The International Rabbit Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday or Sunday in September. This year, it was 22 September. This annual celebration of a cute mammal with long ears, short tail and a velvet coat is not only meant for the million of rabbits kept as pets in the Western world. It should also promote a serious matter about the life conditions of these bunnies.