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Cat reality show: Keeping Up With the Kattashians

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

Cats enjoying themselves in a doll house are a hit on Iceland. Their creators probably didn’t expect so much fame and first of all, they didn’t create the whole project for money, fame and for a short-time amusement. There is a much more noble purpose to this project – to find these cats new homes.

A cat shelter has come up with a brilliant way to promote kittens and to help them really find new loving homes. The participants of the show therefore gradually change, their shelter accepts new kittens and sends them to their new homes.

The project is said to be reality TV without fake drama and bring a pleasant relief from the pressure of modern days. You can also come across an opinion that it is the best thing which has come from Iceland since Björk. Let’s confess, who wouldn’t get melted with emotions when seeing playful kittens or a small cat sprawling in a miniature bath. If you had a rough day at work or your kids won’t let you relax even for a minute, prescribe yourself a few minutes of Kattashians and you’ll see how much better you will feel.

The reality TV started in the beginning of 2017 after an Icelandic cat shelter teamed up with a news site Nútíminn to raise awareness about abandoned cats and therefore also to increase their chances of finding new homes. The members of the project put kittens into a doll house and each of their moves was captured by one of several web cameras.

Shortly after the first kittens moved into the house, one local cable channel took up the broadcasting because Icelanders got Kattashians fever. Soon, the show got the attention of the rest of the world and Kattashians became a worldwide hit almost overnight. Still in the last year, American channel UPTv focusing on the entertainment of families with children bought the rights to be able to broadcast it in America.

You can’t watch them in TV in the Czech Republic, but you can have a look at their YouTube channel or at I hope you’re not overloaded with work because if you are similar to me, you won’t be able to stop watching for quite some while :).