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5 tips to keep your dog happy and healthy

author Lucy Byrne | Care and raising

For us, devoted dog parents, changes in our lives often include our dog companions. Moreover, the stuff we do to keep our furry friends happy and healthy also commonly influence us as well. We owe them for better life and they deserve to get the same from us. Here are several tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.

1. Do enough exercise

I call any physical activity an exercise – starting from common walks to intensive sports or training. Every dog needs different amount of physical activity and while some routine activities such as walking only fulfil their purpose, the more difficult and demanding activities might also be exciting challenges for your dog. Swap activities, for example make a walk more interesting by occasional fetch to keep the activity attractive for your dog. And if the weather is not very good to spend a lot of time outside, don’t forget to think of some amusement at home.

2. Stimulate dog’s mind

Dogs are instinctive, interactive creatures and count on you, as the leader of their pack, to provide them with enough opportunities to test their abilities and you will set forth new stimuli to keep their mind busy. Don’t forget that old dogs also like to explore new things. A stimulus might for example be learning a new trick, meeting new people or dogs or visiting an unknown place. A new toy is also beneficial.

3. Don’t neglect routine care

This is one of the most important things you can do for your dogs. Because they can’t tell you about their biological needs themselves, we have to be responsible enough and provide them with quality care in the form of balanced food, enough physical activity and exercising, regular vet checkups and other types of care such as fur, paw or tooth care.

4. Meet your dog’s nutritional requirements

They differ for each dog according to its breed, size, age, health, activities and physical burden, weather, environment where it lives, etc. So, there is no universal advice. It is a sure thing that it’s necessary to pick quality food or to choose a special version or diet and also to add a suitable food supplement according to your dog’s needs.

5. Show it love and affection

We shouldn’t take any relationship for granted, that applies to the relationship with our dog as well. It gives our life some meaning. Your dog expects you to strengthen your relationship, be it by cuddling on a couch or simply spending time together. It is the same as for people, everyday little things are crucial for maintaining a positive relationship. Showing your mutual love shouldn’t be a duty, but a reward. Moreover, this love is a powerful tool which can influence your dog’s behaviour, for example its reactions to other people and animals.

What do you consider to be important in taking care of your buddy to make it happy and healthy? Of course, every dog needs something different with regard to its physical, mental or social needs. Therefore, it is upon you to be perceptive enough and notice its needs.