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Portraits of Popular Breeds in the Country and Around the World - Siberian Cat

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

It is assumed, however, that in Siberia these beautiful cats with furry ears and glossy semi-long hair have existed since time immemorial. Their ancestors are probably Angora cats or Norwegian Forest cats that bred with local domesticated cats with short fur.

Compared to the Norwegian Forest cat, the Siberian cat has a much rounder and shorter head, but both breeds share a passion for climbing. The Siberian cat will not allow intrusive cuddling, although it does enjoy care and stroking. It tries to keep its dignity in every situation. They can be good partners to both dogs and children if boundaries are set to allow the cat its space and quiet, as it has a very calm and pleasant nature. Thanks to its wild origin, this cat is hardy, quite inventive and independent and, unlike most other breeds, it's not afraid of water.

The advantage of this furry pet is that its coat is self-cleaning, repelling water and dirt, so caring for it doesn't require much time. On the contrary, excessive brushing could damage it and release too much underfur. It's sufficient to brush it once a week and to comb critical areas where clumps tend to form, such as behind the ears, on the chest and between the fore legs and hind legs. They also have the same style of shedding as the Norwegian Forest cat, namely intense but short shedding in the spring. This is the only time that their fur requires extra care to keep the loose hair from the underfur from getting tangled in the topcoat.

A short, triangular head with a wide nose is considered to be the beauty ideal in this medium-sized, muscular breed. Unlike the Maine Coon cat and the Norwegian Forest cat, the Siberian cat can come in natural colors as well as in chocolate or lilac. It can also be found with Himalayan points, but in these cases it is recognized as the related breed Neva Masquerade.

Can someone compare the Siberian cat and the Norwegian Forest cat? In what way are they most similar, and how are they most different?