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Portraits of Popular Breeds in the Country and Around the World - Brussels Griffon

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

The Brussels Griffon was originally designed to hunt rats and watch horse stables, but today it is only a companion and family dog, which its nature is very much suited to. It became famous thanks to Queen Marie Antoinette, who fell in love with this breed. Even in our country, although it is not the most popular breed, you will find more than ten breeding kennels.

This dog cannot be called a classic beauty, although many people certainly find it enchanting. It's a tiny dog with a coarse, straight coat and a typical "beard", and its weight should not exceed 6 kg. Its head looks almost flat when viewed from the side, and this breed often has an overbite, but there is an undeniable cuteness to it.

Its nature makes it a great partner. It quickly grows strongly dependent on its owner, but it remains alert and fearless in nature. It's a lively and cheerful dog that doesn't tire of watching the events of the day. It also likes to engage in children's games, and generally calmly tolerates their not always considerate ideas. It is also suitable for various dog sports such as agility or dogdancing thanks to its intelligence and ability to learn. It generally gets along well with other dogs, as it's not very dominant.

But this dog is not only suitable for big families, it can also be a great companion to lonely people. It is often called an antidepressant dog. If you have one at home, you may have noticed that they consciously try to cheer you up. They like to clown around for your amusement, but if you scream at them for being a rascal, they can also get offended. This breed doesn't do well with firm upbringing and lack of communication. In such cases, it will begin to close itself off and will not thrive.

Otherwise, when their nature is taken into consideration, their training is not challenging. Their owner's happiness motivates them. Thanks to their boundless love and enjoyment of your presence, there is no risk of them running away from you. This also makes them a great choice as the first dog for a child who is just learning responsibility and how to take care of a pet. They have similar natures, and they will surely become best friends and an inseparable couple in a short while.

The advantage of this breed is that with proper care, it hardly sheds. However, it needs regular brushing and good food. Its face requires the most care. Long hairs around their mouth must be kept untangled, and it is also necessary to regularly wipe the area around their eyes and mouth, and pull out hairs growing from the corners of their eyes.

Another advantage is that this breed does not suffer from any hereditary disorders or serious illnesses. However, it is necessary to adjust its food intake to its physical activity, because obesity is harmful to this dog, like all other dogs, and it can cause serious health complications.

Do you have this clown in a dog's body at home? We bet it's hard to be sad with him around, right?