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Wilow, Suki or Simon: Cats which Might Have Travelled More than You Have

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

Meet this Bengal cat from Canada. She is a great companion for her owners when they travel. She does not only walk on her own, she also looks great in the photos her owners post on Instagram. Her bright blue eyes glow in the photos from Italy, Switzerland or Austria. Suki managed to travel across nine European countries in two months. Travelling could not be more comfortable and trouble-free for Suki. She was travelling across Europe in a comfortable van. You can have a look at photos from her travels on her Instagram Suki.


Wilow was a loyal companion to her owner on his travels across Australia. Australian Rich East decided to sell all his things one day and go for a road trip. However, he couldn’t imagine his travels without his beloved cat. They travelled through all Australian states and ended their journey after 50 thousand kilometres two years ago. Even though some people tried to talk Rich out of a road trip with a cat, he was very happy about it and stated that he couldn’t choose a better partner for his travels.

Thanks to the fact that Wilow travelled through all eight states and territories of Australia with Rich, she is probably the first cat which have done such a trip. You can see their experiences together on their Instagram account.


Tom cat Simon is a cool cat. He and his master J. J. Yoush live in Colorado but they often set off on adventurous travels together. They have been travelling this way since 2014. Most often, you’ll see Simon on its owner’s bag but he’s definitely not afraid of kayaking or paddleboarding. In the beginnings, Yosh carried a cat bowl and litter for their travels, so Simon was as much comfort as possible. After some time, they realized that is not necessary. They show their adventures on their Instagram account.

What about you and travelling with your cat? Can you imagine it?