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A Few Simple Tips for Exercising with a Dog during Winter

author Lucy Byrne | Health and diet

I like all seasons but I love winter the most. Even though it doesn’t have to be always pleasant, going running with your dog when it’s frosty will definitely not only bring you results but mainly a good feeling that you’re doing something for yourself and your furry friend. And we still have a few frosty mornings ahead of us this year.

What else can you do except for warm- up running or a normal walk when the weather is very cold for a dog as well as for its paws?

Indoor activities

Our dogs never miss on an opportunity to play hide and seek and like chasing in the flat. Of course, you have to adjust the activities to your flat or house. You can hide treats on various spots in the flat (or a smaller toy) and let the dog sniff it. Balls with treats inside might be interesting alternatives. Of course, these games will not fully compensate for outdoor activities, but they can help to keep the dog fit both physically and mentally. And you’ll have a lot of fun together. :)

Halls for dogs

If you want some exercise but don’t want to freeze, use halls for dogs. Their number already increases in the Czech Republic. You can sign up for a course and start doing some dog sports or use the space in the hall to train new commands, for example. The advantage of these halls is that you can meet other dog owners who you share something in common with which is pleasant. Moreover, your dog is around other dogs and socializes.

Small things every day

It can happen that you won’t have enough extra time to start doing a new sport or to play with your dog more at home than you dp during the whole year. You can also try to implement little exercising with a dog to your daily routine. Even if you take it outside more often than usual (e.g. to a shop), it will help to keep your dog fit. Even little activity counts. You can also try some exercise together (you can read about doga – yoga for dogs – in a previous article).

It doesn’t matter what winter training you’ll choose, you should always think about sufficient hydration of your dog and keep it warm. When you are active all time, it shouldn’t be a problem, of course. With increased load, the dog needs to get fluids more often. You can also stir a part of can contents in warm water. It doesn’t only warm it up, it will mainly keep it hydrated. And it helps to refuel for next exercises. :)

What about you? Do you exercise with your dog in winter?