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Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad – Dachshund

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

Dachshunds belong to very popular small breeds not only among hunters. They quickly found their ways to our households thanks to their nature and compact size. Their name is derived from German “dachshund”, literally translated as “badger dog”.

First mentions about this breed come from ancient Egypt in the form of gravings and statues of dogs with long backs and short legs. However, the breed as such was first mentioned only in 14th century. In 16th century, long-haired dachshund came into existence by cross-breeding, in 18th century, it was wire-haired dachshund and in 19th century, dwarf dachshunds came into existence.

Even though a dachshund was still quite rare in the first half of the 20th century, we can see it very often nowadays and there are many of them also at exhibitions. This breed does not have to be described, it has a unique appearance. Probably everyone can recognize it due to its long body and short legs, it looks like a typical dog from a favourite bedtime TV show for children in the Czech Republic.

These dogs have found their ways to families because they are so sociable and friendly. They are nice, playful and loyal companions you will never get bored with. They are also good watchdogs. They do not only loudly warn you about an unwanted guest, they also don’t hesitate to take an action.

Because they’ve got a mind of their own (in other words, they can be quite stubborn), their upbringing needs to be consistent. Many dachshunds are notorious escapers due to their hunter instincts, therefore a garden with proper fences is needed and you can unleash only dogs that come on command in any case, especially in the forest.

Their hunting origin needs to be remembered even from another point of view. Also remember that even though today people usually get it because it is a sociable dog, it is not a coach potato. It needs quite a lot of physical activity, outside in a perfect case. And it will feel the best in the forest.