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The Basic Overview of Dry Food for Dog Owners – Beginners

author Lucy Byrne | Zdraví a strava

The types of food

Choosing suitable diet for your four-legged pet always depends on its breed, age and health. Of course, it also depends on what is possible for us with regard to time and money. And let’s be honest, many of us rather choose dry food that to cook all the time at home. Let’s make a simple basic overview what to consider when picking dry food. 

We always have to pick differently for puppies, dogs in their active years or older dogs. There are great differences in the content of proteins, phosphors, calcium and fats. We should pick dry food which is easily digestible for older dogs.

If our dog is allergic, we have to opt for hypo-allergenic food. There is lower content of allergens and there are not elements such as wheat, eggs, yeasts, dairy products or also beef. Another type of food we can get for dogs who use a lot of energy during their days is dry food with higher energy content. For example, it applies to bitches who will give birth to puppies and others.

What to look at in the contents

We should look at the content of meat first when choosing dry food. If there is less than 10 % of meat in the dry matter, the quality of the mixture is not very high and we should look for another one. For example, I can recommend Brit-Fresh dry food from my experience. It contains dry meat and also up to 40 % of fresh meat. Moreover, they belong to the so-called holistic dog food. Holistic food ensures that every component it contains has its purpose and there are not the so-called empty calories. So, it’s another plus.

The dry food is also offered in more flavours and it always focuses on something – on the healthy growth of puppies, on joints or on dogs under load.

With regard to proteins, we know they are an important component for our furry friends. Optimum quantity contributes to the proper function of dogs’ internal organs, so it is good to also consider this component when choosing dry food. It also applies to grains. They are more difficult to digest and that’s why it is better to avoid buying dog food with the label that suggests there is higher content of grain.

And what do you feed your furry friend with?