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Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: Japanese Chin

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

It is expected that Japanese Chins’ ancestors were brought to Japan in the 8th century as a gift from Korean leaders and other individuals were brought there in the following years. And later in the 17th century, they went to England and within the following two centuries, they became popular pets among upper class. Nowadays, it is spread in Europe as a popular social dog.

The appearance of Japanese Chins is unmistakable, mainly because of its flat wide face. Its rich, silk and soft fur is also worth mentioning. But the most important thing is its sociable and friendly nature. It is a joyful and cuddly dog. Its nature is uncomplicated and mild but it likes to be in the spotlight. It appreciates the presence of its master very much and pays it back with obedience. It gets on well with other dogs and other pets as well as with children. However, children need to be watched and controlled, these little dogs are not meant for rough games. The Japanese Chin easily adjusts to the household and to the mood of a person which makes it a really great companion.

With regard to upbringing, it is not problematic due to its efforts to please everyone. However, tough upbringing is not very suitable and it would make the dog too wilful and stubborn. However, if you have reasonable requirements that correspond to its abilities, you treat it calmly and openly, consistency is enough and you will have an obedient pet.

And movement with them is also not that demanding, even though they aren’t lazy dogs. It likes to frolic and play, therefore it is perfect for families with older kids. If a person devotes enough time to this pet, it will be doing well even with an individual.

Even though this breed has thick long hair, it doesn’t get tangled up easily so it doesn’t need so much care. However, it is white and black or white and red and the white parts get dark easily similarly to other white breeds. If you want to maintain the fur bright white, it is good to treat the dog with a bath from time to time and use vaseline for the darker parts of its face.

This small dog breed is very popular both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Therefore, it is also very often in the ads from puppy mills. So only choose puppies from breeding stations. This way, you will have a guarantee of a healthy and mentally stable and socialized dog.

Who has a Japanese Chin at home? It really is a true friend, isn’t it? It can cheer one up any time and be supportive in darker moments.