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Spoil Your Dog with a Massage

author Lucy Byrne | Výchova a péče

There are several types of dog massages – the Dorn method, remedial, sport or purely relax massages. As well as for classical human massages, even there might be many reasons for dogs’ massages. They might be only for relaxation or with medical reasons. In general, we can say that they relieve us from strain and they do the same to dogs
(may it be muscle or mental strain). 

Muscle pain in dogs is often an underestimated topic. However, problems might often occur easily – due to injury or too much exercise or repeated movement. It is mainly because dogs don’t complain. The desire for exercise, nature and time spent together is stronger for a long time for the animal than the pain. But our four-legged friends, similarly to us, need recovery after exercise.

A properly performed massage might solve a problem with mobility, helps to prevent injuries, allows for faster recovery and contributes to dog’s better health. Every dog owner might also learn specific massaging techniques himself/herself. At first, (s)he needs to visit an experienced therapist or a teacher with sufficient education and knowledge who will give you advice on how to do that. A bad choice of the type of massage or a bad technique would rather harm your dog. A professional therapist should precisely determine what’s wrong in your dog’s body and what is painful for it from its behaviour and movements.

Massages are not only good for working or sport dogs. Also, dogs which do not have so much movement will appreciate them. Professional care serves as a prevention for problems and you will strengthen your relationship with your pet. Massages are also beneficial for the mental state of dogs and they have great results for crazy and stressed dogs. 

Besides muscles, this relaxing activity is also beneficial for tendons, fascias (sheets of connective tissues of muscles), subcutaneous tissue and skin. The muscles themselves are not only relieved, it helps to keep them elastic and powerful and supports metabolization and secures enough oxygen. Perfused tissues then tend to heal faster.

Have your dog already experienced a massage? If you have only been thinking about it so far, do not hesitate. It will bring many benefits to your dog and it will be definitely grateful.