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Which cat breed is the right one for you?

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

Many people get a cat or a dog just by its appearance or the current trend. They don’t think about the character of the breed or if they are able to provide for all their needs. Such ill-considered decision oftentimes ends with an unhappy relationship or by casting off the animal. I’ve already written about why should you get a cat from a breeder and not the so-called purebred cat without documents. Now you need to make other important decisions.

In purebred cats, you have the advantage that you can estimate their character. Although each individual naturally differs from one another, certain behaviour is innate for the breed, same as with its needs for movement, for instance. It is necessary to take this into consideration before getting a fluffy friend. Otherwise, not only the animal will suffer, but you’ll worry as well.

For example, the Siamese cat is a very social animal and it can’t be left alone for long, let alone for eight hours while you work. In such case, the animal would suffer and it would be likely manifest itself in undesirable behaviour. For example, it would began urinating outside the toilet or start being aggressive. Siamese cats are also very talkative, they miaow a lot, which can also be a problem for someone.

Some breeds of cats are playful and active, but they have no particular flair for hustle. Representatives of another breed will welcome a busy household with small children. While one breed likes to be the centre of attention and never scorns at cuddling, other will appreciate if you let it go their way undisturbed. Simply the differences in the characters of the individual cat breeds are great and you need to think about them when making any decisions. Only this way, you can choose the right partner, who will not require more attention than you can handle or on the contrary, who won’t be too calm. In this catalogue of breeds, you’ll find, among other things, a nice description of the individual characters typical for the given breed.

Another aspect that you need to consider when choosing a breed, is the hair care. Or how much time does the hair care require. Whereas the fur of Devon Rex almost doesn’t shed and just stroking is enough instead of combing, the hair of the Persian Longhair cat has to be attentively taken care of every day.

Most people want to get a cat when it’s a kitten. Kittens are really cute and people also feel that they are getting a blank slate that can be moulded according to their own wishes, or that an older cat wouldn’t get used to a new environment. However, the character of a kitten is partially hereditary and partially formed by the environment in which it grew up for the first weeks of its life. At the moment, when you adopt the kitten (which is after the eighth week of its life), the character of the kitten is already mostly formed and you won’t be able to make any big changes to it. An older cat may adapt to a new family as well as a kitten and it’s capable of forming a bond as strong. Besides, a kitten requires much more attention and time and that’s why a grown cat, which has already gained a good foundation, may be a better choice for some. In addition, adult cats have already fully expressed all the character traits, so you know for sure what you are getting.

You should also give some thought to whether you’ll get a female cat or a tomcat. The biggest differences between the sexes in the context of a breed are mainly in their appearance. Males tend to be larger and more robust. When it comes to character differences, it’s generally true, that neutered tomcats tend to be calmer than cats (even though this doesn’t apply to Persian cats, for instance). If you’re planning to keep a cat, you have to count on marking in non-neutered cats, which can make it almost impossible to keep them at home (it’s recommended to keep them in a outside space, which, however, has considerable pitfalls). If you’re getting a cat purely as a pet, castration is recommended for both sexes. It is easier and faster in tomcats, with faster and problem-free recovery period. Unlike dogs, you can take part in exhibitions in a special category even with cat neuters and get prices and titles.

Do not hesitate to describe your home and your lifestyle in as much detail as possible to the breeder. Tell them how much time you spend at work, how you spend your free time, what do you expect from your fluffy friend, how much time you’d like to devote to him and so on. Based on this information, they will help you decide what breed is the right one for you. After all, you are getting a companion for many years, and that requires a lot of attention and care. Don't be careless, such decision can’t be taken back.