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The world of pets as a profitable business

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

Are you capable of passing a pet shop without at least taking a look inside? If you have a weakness for the look of your pet as I do, you always get them at least a little treat. In today’s prices, the wallet often cries, but the joy that it always brings the dog, fully makes up for the financial loss. They are our faithful companions and so we simply want the best for them.

According to the latest trends, however, the masters aren’t spending the most only on food and treats. A big hit today, for example, are natural products. Their popularity is growing not only among dog parents, but also among consumers in general. Since nature-based products should not contain any toxic or otherwise harmful substances. Their great added value, therefore, is also their environmental friendliness.

More companies around the whole world are reacting to the demand of the owners and breeders. Even increasing number of start-ups are focusing on the business surrounding dogs, cats and rodents. The fastest growing area are mainly services. Today, you can treat your pet with luxury and above-standard care, for instance, in the form of spas or massages. More and more customers are reported also by pet hair salons and anything in general that has to do with care for the appearance of the pets.

Self-service “washes” for dogs are an interesting novelty. The principle is the same as for example in showers in Czech camping sites. Their big advantage is that your home stays clean. Some companies will even offer you a bathing service or other “beautification” of your dog. These ingenious devices are mainly used by foreign dog owners so far. Some European companies, however, opened their branches in Prague as well, where you can already try this service for your dog.

The so-called guardianship is getting more popular as an alternative to dog and cat hotels, which works a bit like Airbnb accommodation for people. The absence of the master is very stressful affair for the pet itself. The main advantage is, no doubt, that pet-sitting or guarding of pets takes place in a home or much quieter environment. If you’re using pet-sitting regularly, your pet will get used to the sitter and the unknown environment and your departures won’t be as demanding for him.

Last but not least, the owners of pets, especially dogs, are spending more and more money on special training, but also on consultations with dog psychologists and therapists. This doesn’t have to be only a fashion fad. Czech lovers have learned to take dogs from shelters. Those often have difficult first months of their life behind them, when they grew up in a large breeding house, for example. In such cases, I personally used the services of cynologists that focus on problem behaviour of dogs.

The list of what pet owners spend money on could certainly be even longer. Apart from fashion and other accessories, I haven’t mentioned animal photographers, for instance, which will make you a profile photograph with your pet or they’ll take pictures of them during sports performances in a park. And you’ll have a beautiful memory that will last for a lifetime. The business potential in this sector is still great without a doubt and still untapped.

What services or products do you use? Or do you do business in this sector yourself? Share with us and inspire other readers:).