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Summer tip! Take your dog for fishing

author Lucy Byrne | Sport and travel

They say there aren’t many activities as relaxing as fishing. And it’s no longer true that fishing is only for men. When my friend told me she takes her dog for fishing, I was really surprised. And I immediately had to question her about how it happened that they fell for this sport I kind of forget about. And why not? The image of me sailing on a boat with my dog is quite a funny one. What should we prepare for before going fishing for the first time?

1. Be honest to yourself. No matter how romantic this image is, some dogs are simply restless and they would get bored to dead on a boat or a bank. You could be doing nothing else than saving your dog trying to jump out of a boat.


2. Is your dog yappy? Then, it’s not the best idea to take it with you among relaxing fishermen who could send you away for that. If you find a lonely place, your dog not being able to shut up can mean another problem – it will scare off all fish :).


3. You already know your dog can do this. In this case, you have to think about its comfort and safety. If you plan to set off early in the morning or stay late at night, take a blanket on which your dog can lie down so it wouldn’t get chilled.


4. Also pick a spot where your dog can hide from sunshine in order not to overheat. Even try to create at least a small spot with shadow where your dog can hide and cool down. Also secure fresh drinking water for the whole day. Don’t depend on the fact you are surrounded with water. For example, my dog only drinks from a bowl or a travel bottle. He wouldn’t drink neither from a river nor from a lake even if he had travelled through the whole Sahara before.


5. Let’s face it, you have to protect your catch not only from your curious “competitors” but also from your dog. And a hook on the bait your dog ate in an unguarded moment can also cause problems.



Also, think about your dog’s safety in water. Get your dog a life vest. It’s not only about the risk of falling out of a boat, getting caught in tangles and panicking. Also exhaustion may come in summer scorchers. A vest can save your dog’s life in such situations.


7. And you should always keep an eye on your dog. Always know if it is in water, in shadow or in the sun. You’ll know if your dog decided to rove about like my dog usually does.

The main advantage of this untraditional dog sport is that your dog can not only help you with fishing alone – dogs also have sharp eyes and they can bring your attention to a potential catch on time. But mainly, you spend quality time together actively in a different way and you can deepen your bond and your relationship with each other a bit more.

And if it wasn’t a success and you didn’t catch anything for the first time, you’ll at least have a new experience and a good story to tell which hopefully won’t end with you taking out a hook from your dog’s mouth :).

And what is your experience? Do you have tips for fishing spots in the Czech Republic where you can take a dog?