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5 tips for summer city activities with a dog

author Anna Rybová | Sport and travel

Greenery instead of concrete

If you decide to head to the streets of your city during a hot summer day, remember that pavements you will be walking on are much warmer that the air. In general, I try to go out with my dog during hot summer days as least as possible but if we go somewhere, we head to the park. Among trees and other greenery, the temperature is always much more pleasant than among buildings. Roza runs among the trees, relieves herself and I am not worried that she could get hurt on hot concrete surface.

Find a natural swimming pool

The general rule is that dogs can’t enter outside swimming pools. But if you have
a dog swimmer at home and wish to treat it with a summer swim, try to find some natural water bodies in your vicinity. Personally, I choose water reservoirs or rivers but only at the places with weak stream. Your dog will be grateful for the refreshment.

Enjoy a summer blockbuster with your best friend

Some cinema made it far enough to let you inside with your doggie. For example, Aero cinema in Prague will let you go to any film with your furry friend. Cinemas are usually well air-conditioned and it is a pleasant form of culture in hot summer days you can enjoy together. Find out if you have this opportunity in your city as well and go watch a new film with your furry friend. In Prague, other options are also Světozor or Bio Oko, in Brno, it is possible in Scala university cinema and in Hradec Králové in Bio Central, for example.

You can also watch a film with your dog in an open-air cinema. Most open-air cinemas I’ve tried don’t have a problem with disciplined dogs.

Do sports together

I am one of the early birds who don’t mind getting up early. Before I go to work, I put on my trainers and go running. Because Roza is an active and agile dog, I take her with me. I walk her, boost my metabolism and we avoid scorching streets.

Sometimes it’s simply better to stay at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to take his/her dog for a morning run. It’s just not very good for some dog breeds. My friend Pavel has an American bulldog he would hardly get out for a morning run. It’s the best for similar breeds to stay at home in hot summer days and rest. You can go for a longer walk with them in the evening as the sun sets.