My name is Lucy and my dog is Kulajda. But if you hold a piece of meat, then you can call her Angrešt and she will still listen to you.

In the blog that I am going to write for you, you will find interesting advice, types, information, stories and details about experiences. In short, you will find everything you need to know about the best way to raise your dog, but nothing that would help you always be tough and withstand a dog's stare. Life of course is not just about raising dogs, so you won’t need to worry about no fun being had. Pets must always be in motion. On your behalf, I will ask veterinarians and experts about nutrition, training, exhibits, etc., but I will also look forward to your questions and suggestions and details regarding your experiences, so do not hesitate to present them to me.

Although I have a professional background and have already heard a lot of advice, Kulajda has taught me what is most important: every dog has such a strong personality, that I can simply stick not just one piece of professional advice into the dresser drawer. This of course does not apply in the case of food. A customised diet can be created for every dog, and the importance of a proper diet should not be underestimated. Together we can find the right food fit for your pet as well.

Therefore, let’s read, write and help each other, so that our coexistence with dogs is a pleasant as possible.