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How to Take Care of Flat-Faced Dogs?

There are plenty of reasons why we get flat-faced dogs. For their specific appearance, great nature, loyal love to their owner... And maybe also for their need of constant attention that makes us feel well. The flat-faced dogs are simply cute. Unfortunately, these dogs face many health risks. What are they and how to avoid them?


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How to teach a cat to walk on a leash?

You might be asking why should a cat learn to walk on a leash in the first place? It doesn’t mean you should go hiking with your cat. However, a short walk might be a great adventure for your cat. And you can’t do that without a leash, especially in a city.

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How Can a Dog Owner Contribute to Nature Protection?

Do you know how to properly behave with your furry friends in national parks and protected nature areas? Are you sick of all the trash in city parks? And are you considering what you should do to be a more
eco-friendly dog owner? You can also contribute to nature protection, in the mountains as well as in the city. How to do it?

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Tips for Games Played Together with a Cat

Cuddling and caressing is not everything. Cats also enjoy time spent together playing a game and moreover, this activity leads to strengthening your relationship. Your furry friend will let off some steam and will be definitely grateful that you spent time with it.