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Summer tip! Take your dog for fishing

They say there aren’t many activities as relaxing as fishing. And it’s no longer true that fishing is only for men. When my friend told me she takes her dog for fishing, I was really surprised. And I immediately had to question her about how it happened that they fell for this sport I kind of forget about. And why not? The image of me sailing on a boat with my dog is quite a funny one. What should we prepare for before going fishing for the first time?

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Traveling with pets: a few tips on how not to get lost on the road and enjoy the trip

Do you take your dog or cat regularly on trips and holidays across the Czech Republic? Is travelling with your dog or cat fun for you and not a horror? Have you got a destination in mind, where you’d like to stay for longer or you’re even planning a trip around the world? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, there’s no doubt you’ll soon expand the range of adventurers who travel around the world with their pets.