since 2017

Alena Smolíková

Dog Dancing

I’ve been a cynologist for more than 20 years. My first visit to a dog school was in 1997 with my first dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier. That’s when I began to discover the magic of training dogs.

Two years later, in 1999, I entered my first competitions with my second dog, a Labrador named Dora. We competed in agility and later also in dog dancing.

My biggest success came with a Border Collie named Keysi. In addition to agility and dog dancing, we also competed in disc dog and obedience. We won multiple competitions, an agility championship, and the European Championship in two different sports. From 2010 to 2013, I appeared in two televised talent shows: Talentmania (TV Nova) and Česko-Slovensko má talent (TV Prima). In both of those contests I advanced to the final round and eventually took 2nd place.

For several years, I lived at a Siberian Husky kennel and raced sled dogs. I fulfilled one of my life dreams and completed the Czech Long Trail, the most difficult dogsled race in Central Europe.

I currently have five dogs: three Border Collies, a Border Collie mix, and a Parson Russell Terrier. I compete in dog dancing, disc dog, obedience, and caniscross. I also do recreational shepherding and nose work.


Greatest achievements:

Cynologist of the Year – Absolute Winner 2011 and 2019

Dog Dancing

  • 3x European Champion
  • World Vice-Champion
  • 2nd World Vice-Champion
  • 12x Czech Champion
  • 5x Champion of Dog Dancing
  • CRUFTS 1st place (2010), 3rd place (2018), 2nd place (2019)


Disc Dog

  • European Freestyle Champion
  • 2x European Freestyle Bonsai Champion
  • 2x European Freestyle Vice-Champion
  • Czech Champion in SMD
  • Czech Border Collie Champion in Quadruped
    6x appearances at the World Championship in the USA



  • European Champion in Bikejöring FISTC
  • Czech Long Trail – 1st place 2014, 3rd place 2015
  • Hard Dog Race – 4th place out of 339 women
  • Border Collie of the Year in the Mushing Category