since 2013

Martin Vrtěl


I’ve been involved in the sport of mushing since 2007. My first race was in Trnávka, and since then, with the exception only of individual classes on snow, I’ve tried practically everything mushing has to offer, from FCI-certified northern sled dogs and crossbreeds, individual dryland classes, and small and large teams to mid-distance and long-distance sprints on both dry land and snow. I’ve even tried pulling. 

And I eventually found what I was looking for: the Eurohound Sled Dog, an amazingly hardworking animal. They also make wonderful companions outside the world of mushing, and they’re simply beautiful. 

Of all the classes, my favourite on snow is the mid-distance six-dog, and on dry land it’s the cart sprint with five to eight dogs. You can never have too much experience, and there’s something new to learn around every corner. That’s why I like running races both here at home and abroad. I like smaller, family-style races as well as the atmosphere of the World Championship. Sometimes I get to take the winner podium, and other times I don’t, but the main thing is my dogs and I never grow tired of trying. It’s much more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. 

You can watch a video about us and mushing or you can visit my website.