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Marta Kozáková

Agility, Kennel – Griffon and Petit Brabancon

My life had revolved around dogs for many years when I had my first and fated encounter with the Petit Brabancon. The Kamenická Tvrz Kennel was established under registration number 1079/12 in January of 2013 for a Petit Brabancon bitch named Baghira z Karolínčina království. 

Our kennel will never be a puppy mill! If we succeed in rearing a few puppies, they’ll be pampered and cared for with love, because these big-hearted little dogs deserve no less for the love they share with people and their families. It’s in their nature to please their human keepers, and that makes them very adept learners. And one thing they’re particularly good at (and I’m speaking from personal experience) is agility. They’re often the stars of their category, and watching them run is truly enjoyable. Despite not being a typical agility breed, they are more than capable of achieving amazing results and even frequently stand on the winner podium. 

But that’s just icing on the cake. My first Petit Brabancon, Ajša, was the first of her breed in the Czech Republic to compete in agility at the Czech National Championship. We’ve had other bitches, both Griffons and Petit Brabancons, become national champions in agility. One of our bitches decided agility wasn’t her cup of tea, but she has proven to be very good at canistherapy, as she enjoys contact and is very affectionate. And because I own a kennel, I also regularly appear with my bitches at dog shows.

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