since 2012

Jaromíra Sojková

Kennel – Bernese Mountain Dog

From 2000 to the present, I’ve specialized in breeding the Bernese Mountain Dog and also previously bred the Appenzeller Sennenhund and the Hovawart. At the Queen Elsa and Bohemia Bernica dog kennels, I’m very active in the rearing of puppies. Every time our little ones leave us to go out into the great big world, they’re fully fed with Brit Care Puppy Lamb & Rice. They also receive a special Brit Care puppy kit, and we then present the departure photographs together with all the puppy supplies, namely a 12kg bag of granules. In the manual that each new dog keeper receives with their puppy, I recommend the Brit brand, not only the puppy food but also the other age-specific formulas.   

I’m also very active in the field of cynology, both in terms of sport and breeding, and for many years I was president of the cynology organization ZKO Žižice. At our training facility, we present the Brit brand on banners, on the buildings, and on the fencing. In sport cynology, my dogs and I have successfully completed numerous performance trials together. At the same time, I’ve participated in cynology competitions and have also trained water rescue with my dog. 

Currently, Žižice is home to a cynology centre, where I work as a trainer at the Elsa Dog School and Nursery School, mainly training puppies and helping their keepers with rearing and training. I also provide assistance as a cynology consultant in matters relating to rearing, training, nutrition, and canine socialization. Many dog trainers and keepers come to me looking for advice on whelping, rearing, and training puppies.  

I’m an active member of an 800-member kennel club for Bernese Mountain Dogs. I’m also a member of a breeding committee and regularly travel to inspect litters of puppies. I partake in evaluations and am also part of the club’s publishing board, where I regularly work with my colleagues on the club’s biannual newsletter as well as an annual desk calendar. 

For many years as the director, I organized club shows featuring nearly 400 dogs. I also helped organize the anniversary celebrations of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club. I organize an advisory group to attract new club members and keepers of young dogs seeking guidance in all areas of life with their four-legged companions. For twenty years now, I’ve organized regular training camps, which are essentially family dog holidays structured around a training programme, as well as extended spring and autumn weekends and summer holidays with dogs. 

In all of these activities, we always present the Brit brand throughout the recreational facility we happen to be using. The participants of our races, competitions, and traditional camp show receive beautiful prizes donated by Brit.

Furthermore, I post articles and photographs from these events on the website of the kennel, the camps, and the weekends as well as on our social media profiles and in special cynology groups. Of course, these materials are also widely presented in all club publications. At the same time, I publish articles in various magazines and newspapers, in which I try to promote the Brit brand as much as possible. 

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