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Michaela Martinů

Kennel – Boxer

I’ve been involved in cynology since 1990, when I began training my first dog, a nonpedigree Boxer named Tajpan. Together we joined the Prague Cynology Rescue Brigade. Tajpan was a very difficult dog to train, but he charmed me with his friendly and cheerful Boxer personality, and that’s how I came to love the Boxer breed and why I still train and breed them to this day. My kennel, which I founded in 1993, is actually named after Tajpan. My goal isn’t to rear large numbers of puppies but rather to produce high-quality puppies with lots of training potential. I place emphasis on ensuring my puppies are happy and friendly individuals with the soul of a canine gladiator. I always feed all my dogs the food I consider to be best for them, and without a doubt that food is the Brit Care superpremium formulas. In terms of the nutrient profiles and quality, they’re simply perfect for my dogs. I also recommend this outstanding food for the puppies that leave my kennel.  

I’ve always been very active in training all my dogs. In addition to training rescue dogs, I also train my dogs for sport cynology. The Boxers at Tajpan are very successful and have completed a number of important trials, including some of the highest, such as IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, ZZP3, and FH2. 

I’ve also participated in many competitions and select trials as well as the Atibox Boxer world championship, the national rescue dog championship, and the national Boxer championship. As part of the Czech Federation of Cynology Recuse Brigades and during sport training, my dogs have also achieved success in lure coursing.  

The following are just some of my most memorable achievements: 

Sport cynology: National Boxer Champion 2006 – Baskervill Buddha Tajpan. This dog also competed four times in the Atibox world championship and participated in select trials. He was entered in the Czech Book of Records as having completed the most trials, a total of 45 different competitions. The daughter of Baskervill, Ballantines ze Samoty zátiší, won the Atibox world championship in the IPO2 category and made several appearances at the Atibox world championship in the IPO3 category.

Rescue cynology: five appearances at the national rescue dog championship; I was awarded the 2nd Performance Class by the Czech Federation of Cynology Rescue Brigades.

Coursing: Between 2007 and 2017, offspring of Baskervill – Ballantines ze Samoty zátiší, Cayman Baskervill Next of Kin, and Apokalypsa z Terezínské pevnosti – repeatedly won the Czech National Championship, the Bohemian Championship, the Moravian Championship, and Coursing Master. Ballantines is the very first dog in history to hold the title of Grand Coursing Master.

Beginning in 1997, I judged the work of rescue dogs, though my busy work schedule means I no longer have time to judge rescue dogs at trials. Since 1998, I’ve also been a judge at KJ Brno, where I helped create the club’s trial rules and continue to work to promote them to this day. In 2019, I received the Czech Cynology Federation’s 1st Class Exemplary Trainer Badge. I’m a member of the cynology organization ZKO Roudnice Slavín, where I regularly help organize competitions. 

My dogs and I also partake in shows, and here too we’ve achieved some remarkable results. The aforesaid Baskervill was named multiple times Best Veteran in Show not only at the club level but also at national and international competitions. At club shows, he was repeatedly named Best Sire, and at nine years of age he even won Best of Breed. Among the other top accolades won by my dogs are Czech National Champion, Club Champion, Grand Champion, Junior Champion, Polish National Champion, Slovak National Champion, Veteran Champion, and Best of Show. 

Currently, I’m preparing a bitch named Karkulka Tajpan for a show and competition career, and because, in addition to the Boxer, I’m also very fond of the somewhat underestimated but amazing breed Petit Brabancon, known as the brabantík in Czech, in the future I’d also like to breed it for shows. 

And it goes without saying that I’ll continue giving my dogs only the very best in nutrition – the superpremium foods of Brit. 

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