Daniel Paleček

Sport Cynology + Decoy

I’ve been involved in cynology since I was twelve years old. My first dog was a German Shepherd named Bak. It was with him that I entered my first competitions and completed my first exams. We also competed in the Czech National Junior Championship in Vlašim in 2001, where we took 2nd place. After Bak, I had another German Shepherd, but I trained him only marginally, as he wasn’t really made for sport, but he was an amazing family dog and he lived to be fifteen years old with us. At the same time I had several dogs for training and trials, but my primary area of focus was working as a decoy, for which I’ve completed second-class and first-class exams. In 2013, I completed exams to become a Union Decoy. I’ve been a decoy at the Czech National Championship ZVV3 2014, Select Trials ZVV3 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, the Junior Championship 2016, and the Belgian Shepherd Championship in Poland 2016. My biggest competition to date is CACIT Dobříš 2019. 

I don’t consider myself to be a competitive decoy. What I enjoy most is training and preparing dogs and handlers for trials and competitions as well as socializing uncontrollable dogs and training dogs for family life. 

I became so involved in cynology that it has been my profession since 2016. I organize training weekends, camps, and workshops both at home in the Czech Republic and abroad. If someone is going to train with me, it has to be a long-term undertaking. I prefer lasting cooperation because it allows both the handler and the dog to achieve true progress. I hold the people who come to me in the highest esteem and consider them my friends.  

In 2013, I acquired my first Belgian Shepherd. It was something of a coincidence really, but I’m incredibly fortunate for it, because Luky is the dog of my life, and together we’ve had some amazing achievements. We began competing in 2016, and even though we’ve never won anything big, I appreciate his consistent performance through all the events we’ve competed in. Among our greatest accomplishments are the Select Trial Třinec 2017 1st place, CACIT Dobříš 2017 3rd place, World Belgian Shepherd Championship Slovenia 2018 8th place, IGP Czech National Championship Roudnice nad Labem 2018 4th place, FCI World Championship Italy 2018 4th place, World Belgian Shepherd Championship Písek 2019 10th place, IGP Czech National Championship Trnová 5th place, and participation in the FCI World Championship in Austria. At all of these competitions, with the exception of the last one in Austria, we finished in the top 10, and to me that’s an amazing success. 

I wanted to end Luky’s competitive career after this year’s World Belgian Shepherd Championship, but since it was cancelled, I’ve decided to let him have one more season. I’m also training several young dogs, so we’ll see if one of them goes on to follow in Luky’s footsteps. 

This year I also opened a small family-run dog hotel. We mainly specialize in small and medium breeds and provide them with comfortable accommodation in a relaxed family setting. Clients can choose to have their dog in the household, in an indoor pen, or in an outdoor pen with run. We have room for approximately fifteen dogs. 

I’ve been a Carnilove Ambassador since 2017. I very much value the support I receive from the brand. It’s wonderful that in today’s world there are those who support our small sport in this way. In the many years I’ve been a cynologist, the Carnilove granules, cans, and snacks have truly proven to be the absolute best there is. The physical demands on my dogs are really big, and thanks to a fantastic and balanced diet they have no problems coping with them.

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