since 2015

Michaela Plecháčková

Sport Cynology

Since childhood, dogs have been an inseparable part of my life. My first pedigree dog was an Alaskan Malamute named Bajtu z Rontu-Aru CS ( born 1991), with whom I led a fairly successful competitive weight pulling career.   

My involvement in the world of sport cynology began, paradoxically, with a Labrador Retriever named Adam Something Beautiful, who recently celebrated his fifteenth birthday. Together, we appeared in a total of fourteen competitions in IPO1 and the Slovak equivalents SVV1 and SVV3, and in nine of those competitions we took the winner podium.   

My next dog was a German Shepherd named Taxi Vikar, with whom we became the 2nd Vice-Champions of the 2014 Slovak NO IPO3 and the 2015 All Breeds. My first foray into the ‘big world’ was with Taxi, and in total we participated in four World Championships, with our greatest success, a 17th place finish, coming at the WUSV World Championship in Hagen.

My current competition dog is a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Baxter Ostraryka. To date, we’ve appeared in ten competitions, four of which were World Championships. Baxter was the 2017 IPO3 Slovak Belgian Shepherd Champion. 

In addition to my dogs, I also help train and prepare dogs for trials and competitions, including some from abroad. In the near future, I’d like to continue competing and breeding German and Belgian Shepherds. For years, my dogs have been fed Carnilove because it’s a perfect fit for them in every sense.