since 2015

Jitka Duffková

Sport Cynology + Judge + Breeder

I’ve been a cynologist since 1984 when I got my first German Shepherd. I’ve been doing sport cynology according to IGP (formerly IPO) rules since 1991, and in 1996 my bitch advanced to the IPO National Championship and took 19th place, which at the time was just incredible to me. My dogs have completed numerous performance trials, and I participate in many select trials, such as 23 national championships, 10 IGP Championships, and 10 International German Shepherd Club Championships. My greatest successes are appearances at two FCI World Championships and five WUSV World Championships. At the 2016 WUSV in Meppen, my dog Alex z Kristova took an amazing 11th place individual win and 1st place gold team win. I’m currently preparing two young dogs for competition careers. 

I’ve bred German Shepherds since 1991 when I acquired my first bitch. I own the DUFFMAR Kennel for German Shepherds, the breed that has been the focus of my entire cynology career. Breeding is not my priority, because all the bitches used in breeding were also top show dogs, so there was never much time for rearing puppies. At present, I have only one breeding bitch, Onyxia van Blutsenhof, with whom I participated last year in the WUSV World Championship in Modena, Italy.  

I’m a Class I judge for the Czech Cynology Federation, and as of this year my name appears on the list of international judges. I’ve judged the obedience category at select trials such as the IPO National Championship, the International German Shepherd Club Championship, the National Belgian Shepherd Championship, and the National Rottweiler Championship. This year, I’ve received an invitation to judge from the organizers of CACIT Dobříš and CACT Vrbičany.

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