since 2020

Darina Tarabini


My mother was the one who began breeding cats, the Russian Blue, to be precise. Over time, she took on other breeds as well, which she imported to the Czech Republic. These include Abyssinians, Burmese, Orientals, British, and Turkish Angoras. I founded the SABYA cattery in 1986 and began breeding Somali cats. A few years later, I met my future husband, who at the time was breeding Turkish Vans. The following year, we acquired the Maine Coon. 

I’ve had a hand in the conception of several breeds, and I became so interested in breeding that I first completed my apprentice judge exams in various categories and then several exams for judging different categories. Currently, in addition to Persian and exotic cats, I’m certified to judge all cat breeds.

At present, I only have Maine Coons, and our tom, NW GIC Racoones Resort Skywalker JW, who we imported last year, won the National Championship. 

Kittens from our cattery are not only vaccinated but also sterilized at four months of age. From very early on, they’re fed Brit and Carnilove cat foods, and we present both of these brands at cat shows as well as on our social media profiles.

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