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Nikola Čapková

Rabbit Show Jumping / Cuniculture

My name is Nikola Čapková. I’m 20 years old and I’m a graduate of a secondary vocational school specializing in veterinary sciences. I live in Přelouč near the city of Pardubice. I began working with rabbits in 2012, and the following year I celebrated my first successes at the European Championship. I run a registered breeding station (no. 082) called Checkers Happiness, so I also breed rabbits for this unique sport. Among my greatest achievements are the Czech record high jump of 102 cm with my most successful rabbit, Hønsehusets Super Champion Crazy Eight (as his name suggests, he’s won three championships, which makes him a Super Champion). I’m also proud of a European Champion title, a European Vice-Champion title, multiple Czech Champion and Vice-Champion titles, and several champion titles in various disciplines. These victories are all the more special to me since they’ve been accomplished both at home and abroad by rabbits raised at my breeding station. Rabbits are everything to me. In rabbit show jumping, the most important thing is having a strong bond with the animals, and then nutrition, of course. I’ve been feeding my rabbits Brit for three years now, and in that time I’ve been thoroughly happy with the results. The food is light and easily digestible and tastes great. I’m very proud of my rabbits, and I know I’ll continue to be into the future, because they’ll never cease to amaze me.


Cuniculture Station No. 082 – Checkers Happiness / Sport Rabbit

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