since 2019

Veronika Klímová


My speciality is sled dog races, specifically individual disciplines, of which my favourite is the scooter pulled by one or two dogs. I currently have three Siberian Huskies at home, two bitches, three and nine years old, and one twelve-year-old ‘pensioner’, with whom my son, Miky, is beginning to race in the canicross junior division. 

I’ve been mushing for approximately eight years now, and in that time I’ve had some pretty amazing results with my dogs. In addition to successes in domestic races, we’ve also had several appearances at the European Purebred Northern Breeds Championship, where we’ve collected a total of five wins. 

The next dream I’d like to fulfil, the next milestone in my mushing career, is the Czech Long Trail, the most difficult race in the Czech Republic, during which racers cover 220 km over four days. I’d like to compete in the skijering discipline, i.e. on cross-country skis with two dogs. And if it all goes well, I’d like to take my place on the starting line as early as January of 2021. 

I’m a member of Musher Club Kladno, which organizes annual autumn races in Stochov.

I also run my own Siberian Husky kennel, but I’m still awaiting my first littler of pups.

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