Portraits of popular breeds at home and abroad: American shorthair cat

This animal is a wild predator that also likes to just relax on the couch. We are, of course, talking about the American shorthair cat, which can be considered similar to its European counterpart, just on the American continent. What makes this breed special and what makes it characteristic? 

Genetically twisted ears

This is a relatively young breed, being only officially recognized in the second half of the 20th century. Its story began with a selection from 81 litters led by a well-known English feline geneticist who focused on one of the characteristic features of these cats: their twisted ears. The findings showed that behind the twisted ears is a dominant gene passed from cat to cat. This, however, does not mean that every individual that carries the gene will have twisted ears,” says cat breeder Darina Tarabini.


Strong and broad body

American shorthair cats are among the medium-sized breeds, thanks to their body structure, which is considered to be broad in many respects. Their breasts are relatively broad and their bones are heavy, their limbs muscular and their feet strong and round. If we focus on the head, it is slightly longer than wider and is characterized by strong jaws. Their eyes are set quite far apart.


Easy care

As for care, no special procedures are needed for this breed. Due to their origin, these are cats that do not need much care from others. Care can be limited to the usual: regular claw trimming and coat brushing. Outside the moulting period, brushing is required a maximum of once a week, so it is not a time-consuming activity. Cleaning the ear canals is a necessity, as their ears are relatively open and can become easily clogged with dirt.


A certain similarity to dogs

By nature, American shorthair cats are very playful, even at a later age. “At the same time, they are animals that need contact, so they may follow you wherever you go, just to be close to you. This also includes trying to communicate with you with all sorts of sounds and purrs. In these respects, they are a bit similar to dogs,” says Darina Tarabini.


American shorthair cats are also great companions for your free time. Aside from that, they are also very intelligent and get along well with other animals, even dogs. They can be a good fit in a household where there already are other pets.

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