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Corn in dog food

Some places on the internet say that corn is just a cheap filler for dog food, or that it doesn't belong in a dog's bowl at all. But some high-quality dog food contains corn. So what's the truth about corn?

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How to help stray cats in winter?

It's getting colder outside, and stray homeless cats feel it the most, especially autumn kittens. For them, a real struggle for survival begins. We can't take all the stray cats home, but do you want to know how to help them regardless?

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How to enjoy snow with your dog

Snow offers dogs lots of fun. Jumping into snowbanks, catching snowflakes, making dog "angels", tasting snow ... to keep the fun from turning into trouble, you need to keep everything moderation and watch out for certain.

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How to care for a dog ecologically

Ecology is one of the main topics of our time, and a lot of dog owners are thinking of how they can apply it to their pets. Although we don't have so many options in dog care yet, we can still try to be as gentle to our planet as possible.