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A cat toilet? Even the cats can have a modern and fragrant one

author Lucy Byrne | Care and raising

Nowadays, cats are increasingly more often becoming members of our households. Cat toilets producers are adapting to this trend as well. They can provide cats with a greater comfort in their daily need. From the perspective of the owners, the producers put a greater emphasis also on the design of cat’s toilets and their use in space.  

A useful toilet for those owners that don't spend so much time at home, is definitely the self-cleaning one. In these toilets, the litter is washed with a special liquid that decomposes both urine and faeces. A robotic toilet not only flushes the faeces, but it also washes and dries itself. All this without litter, but using biodegradable, washable granules. In the case of these toilets, however, count with a greater investment in your pet. With some toilets, in the thousands.

The cats themselves will certainly appreciate a multifunctional toilet. It does not serve only as a space to do the cat’s needs, but it's also a resting place and a play corner for your cat. The cat can sleep on the top of the toilet. This type of toilets will also fit well into the interior of your home.

Those who put a greater emphasis exactly on the design of the toilet itself, can today pick from even more design toilets. A modern toilet inspired by pop-art of the 70's in stylish colours from French designers will certainly not do any harm to the look of your home. On the contrary.

In the latest toilet types, a scent filter is a matter of course. It holds the smell, which tends to be a problem not only in tray toilets, but also in toilets with a cover. These also provide the cats with the necessary peace. But if you decide to go with a tray toilet, use an odour remover, which will help you deal with the problem of inappropriate smell.

However, the hygiene today does not end only with the cat toilet. Not only will them a greater care good, but it will for sure also make the cat happy.