Fresh meat and other trends in dog nutrition

Fresh meat, insect protein or sustainable pet food. New trends in dog nutrition. Adding fresh meat into dog food enhances the taste and smell of the product, but it's also easier to digest. 

Recent trends in dog nutrition are increasingly copying trends in human nutrition. It means that more attention is paid to the ingredients that you or your dog consume as well as their origin. Adding fresh meat into dog food is the basis of pet food sustainability.

Nutritionists claim that it always depends on the production technology, but dog food usually contains 20-30% of fresh meat. "Top of the range food then contains exclusively fresh meat. Its content in the food is 60%," describes Martin Kvaš, a nutritionist. This is the case of the True Fresh product range by Carnilove, offering dry food as well as treats.

When to start and what sort of fresh meat to choose?
Questions you immediately start asking yourself when hearing about new trends in dog nutrition. Specialists say that it depends on the given breed but red meat is generally suitable for muscular breeds. On the other hand, in order to maintain optimum condition, it is recommended to select products containing chicken or fish.

According to the nutritionist, you can introduce fresh meat at any stage of your dog's life. Professional food containing fresh meat is suitable for the development of a dog at all stages of its life. "Fresh meat in food keeps the digestive tract healthy and boosts immunity. Fresh meat in dry food doesn't pose any danger in terms of parasites and other contaminations," adds Kváš. 

A miracle in the form of insect protein
Insect protein has a huge advantage compared to other sources, especially for dogs with more sensitive digestion, because it acts as a digestion booster. If you are wondering whether insect protein can be compared with common types of food with chicken meat, the answer is yes and all your concerns about lack of nutritional value can be pushed away. 

Specialists recommend that breeders with dogs suffering from allergies should definitely consider buying the miracle insect protein instead of the commonly used hydrolysed protein. 



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