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Five things we unconsciously do and which harm our dogs

author Lucy Byrne | Care and raising

Dogs have inquisitive and adventurous nature. They want to explore everything and hopefully even taste everything. They behave like little kids. And that’s why we have to watch over them as we do with children. Recently, I saw a great video on what we sometimes forget about with all day-to-day tasks and what might have negative consequences for our pets. It’s not only about the door to your pantry which is not completely closed or ill-fitting winter coats, etc.

What five things should we be careful about in order not to neglect the care of our four-legged friends?

1. Picking dog accessories according to your taste

Imagine putting ill-fitting shoes on every day. Your feet hurt and are skinned because of them. And it’s the same with a collar. Why is it so important for a collar to fit well to your dog? Well, there are different sizes as well as different types. You should pick a size of a collar to have space for two fingers between it and your dog’s neck. The collar should also correspond to the size of the breed – each one has a different body constitution. Pay greater attention to the taste (or rather the needs) of your furry friend rather than yours. It also holds true for the choice of harnesses and dog coats. Functions should definitely win over the design.

2. Letting your dog eat anything

You didn’t order your favourite dog food brand you buy regularly in time so you took the first dog food you saw on the supermarket shelf? Are you walking your dog in a park and it ate every crumb near a bench? Do not let your dog eat anything. You might say it doesn’t matter if it’s only once. However, every dog is different and a one-off change in the diet might cause stomach or other health issues. Some dogs have troubles with their digestion. Also, there is a risk of poisoning outdoors. In the case you run out of dog food unexpectedly, it’s better to cook your dog at home, for example some rice. And sometimes even one-day fasting might be beneficial for the dog. Some nutrition specialists even recommend it.

3. Neglect the care of your dog’s teeth

Fortunately, dogs do not have to brush their teeth twice a day, but we should not completely neglect the care of their teeth. And it’s not only a fashionable thing. According to a research performed among vets, only a fifth of dog owner take care of their furry friends’ teeth. Because of that, we expose our dogs’ smiles to the risk of tartar formation or gingivitis and in worse cases, it may even result in periodontitis or infection. You don’t have to immediately get a dog toothbrush, chewy dog treats are also recommended. After all, even a simple wooden stick on a walk may serve well, too. :)

4. Not enough games and stimuli

Probably the worst thing we can do to our doggie is not spending our time with it and not paying our attention to it. You definitely know the situation when you come home tired and you would preferably go straight to your bed. Jobs can be exhausting but it shouldn’t result in you not having the energy to play with your furry friend and take it for proper walks. Without new and regular stimuli, your dog suffers. Exercising and various games are important for its healthy mental development and strengthening your mutual relationship.

5. Not securing the dog in a car

Travelling with dogs in a car is a common thing nowadays. But still, we sometimes have our dog on our lap, put it under the seat or to the trunk and not secure it during the ride enough. No one can imagine not fastening their seat belts anymore. But we often forget to fasten our dogs’ seat belts. I can recommend a dog seat belt from my own experience. The dog is happy he is sitting on the seat and can look outside. And I’m sure it’s safe and unexpected fast braking won’t break its paws.

There’s certainly much more. Every one of us forgets about something from time to time, for example a basket with washed clothes in the hall and a dog takes good care of it when you are at work. :) Dogs try to fight boredom with various activities and leaving certain things within their reach when we are not present might be dangerous. I have heard of a dog who ate a sock. And it wasn’t the only one, I’m sure. What happened to you and your furry friends?